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Our Design Mission

To create unique, unexpected spaces, that are entirely personalized, made to last—and quite simply—a pleasure to exist in.

How We Make it Happen

With a mastery of logistics and love for the fine print. From what colors create calm to the deep math behind pattern repeats and stackbacks, we bring the expertise so you know you’re getting the best of everything.

Why We Love What We Do

In an industry full of overwhelming (and occasionally mysterious) variables, we offer flat fees, down-to-earth budgets, and open communication. With the left brain on lock, we can indulge in expansive creativity that comes to life in ways that are borderline magic.

And now a word from our founder, Juliane Mazzarella…

Juliane Mazzarella Avenue Interiors

How did you get into interior design?

This is a lifelong love. I started with scribbles and drawings, by my teens I was interning at architectural firms, and I graduated college with a full-on BFA in Interior Design. I’m certified enough to have all the special industry letters and accreditations (*see below for a light bulleted list of bragging rights).

When did you found your own firm?

In 2016. I’d cut my teeth on every aspect of the design industry from project management and custom upholstery to commercial architecture. Nerding out on what’s behind the scenes is what brings me joy. Lots of people can paint a pretty picture, but I can actually bring it to life—in a way that enhances every aspect of your day to day.

What’s your favorite part of the process?

The people. I love the smile on a client’s face during a concept presentation where I’ve absolutely nailed it. Oh, and watching the transformation as everything comes together. And, yes I also live for the moment when the job is done and every expectation has been exceeded. So, I guess… every part? What can I say, I’m an overachiever.

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Accreditations & Accolades

  • BFA in Interior Design, Minor Electronic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design
  • NICDQ #33187
  • ASID#2009391
  • Expert Knitter
  • Excellent Dancer
  • Absolutely No Sense of Direction
  • Fluent German
  • DCA – Diamond Sales Certified
Sewickley Pa Living Room Designer

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