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Custom window design—it really is a lost art.

Gone are the days of billowing curtains cut at the perfect length, hanging like the tailored coat of a regency-era romantic hero.

We joke, but craftsmanship is real when it comes to what frames your windows.

It’s not just fabric

… it’s how light will announce itself when it enters the room. How the temperature will be brought to heel. How you’ll ensure your most private moments stay private.

Our Process

Discovery Call & Consultation

Discovery Call & Consultation

Custom window treatments are new to many and bring up a lot of questions. Let's talk on the phone to clarify what they can bring to your home. At the consultation, we measure and complete my signature design questionnaire to understand your needs and design goals.

Project Scope & Conceptual Design

Project Scope & Conceptual Design

Back at the studio, I put together a complete window solution just for you. We meet back at your home with all the fabrics, trims, hardware samples, and window design ideas for your approval.  We’ll double-check any details and now be ready to order with confidence.

Detailed Design & Procurement

Detailed Design & Procurement

Time for the heavy lifting… for me that is. You just sit back and relax. I will place all the orders through my trade suppliers and workrooms. I receive and inspect all products on your behalf and keep you updated with weekly emails.

Delivery, Installation & Styling

Delivery, Installation & Styling

It’s the part you’ve been waiting for! Everything is here and ready to be installed in your home. I will schedule the installation with you and arrive on-site with my installers. We protect the areas of work, install the window treatments, and then review operation care & maintenance with you.

Avenue Interiors Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatments are a functional piece of art and science combined—and let’s face it—they are not easy to master. 

Let us bring our expertise to your home via our local workroom. 

You know what they say, measure twice, cut once—then throw it all out and treat yourself to a professional.



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