How do you work? What’s the process?

My process is very straightforward. After our initial phone consult your initial appointment is scheduled. At this appointment, we will take a tour of your home with a focus on the space(s) where the design work is to be done.

We’ll get to know each other and I’ll begin the process of learning about your unique taste and daily lifestyle. I will take a lot of photos and measurements and you’ll share your goals for the project as well as any inspirational images or items you may have gathered already.

From there, I’ll return to my office and develop a proposal with a clearly defined scope of work and a flat rate fee for the project. Then we hit the ground running with space planning, design boards, and samples.

Once a design is agreed upon, it’s time to order! For renovation projects, I will work closely with tradespeople and installers to help make the process as smooth as possible. For all furnishings and window treatments, I take care of all the ordering, tracking, shipping, receiving, delivery and installation.


How will you figure out my aesthetic?

I will rifle through your closet and use my mind-reading skills! Seriously, there is a lot that goes into discovering a person’s taste. It really involves a lot of listening and observing.

It’s also important to discover what you don’t like and why. And taste isn’t about what’s trending—but more about the person.

Our personal aesthetic comes from our experiences and memories—how we feel about a certain color, a fabric that reminds us of grandma’s cloth napkins, our favorite vacation spot.

My job is to find the recurring themes in the information I gather, mix it up, distill it, and hand you a delicious cocktail of awesome design that is truly yours.


How long will this take?

Blinds: 3-6 weeks from order to installation

Window Treatments: 6-10 weeks from order to installation

Furniture: Ready-made 4-8 weeks from ordering

Custom Furniture: 8-16 weeks from order to delivery (unless it’s 2021…we’ll talk about that)


What’s the fee structure?

There is an initial consultation fee due upon scheduling. Then, when the scope of work is established, I’ll also present a flat fee based on my experience for how long the project will take.

I take a 50% retainer up front, 30% at an agreed-upon point in the process, and 20% upon project completion. For any product, a typical deposit is 70% with the balance due upon delivery/installation.


How often do you communicate with me throughout the project?

At the end of any appointment, I will give you a timeframe for the work to be done and when you can anticipate it being completed.

Once the design process is completed, and items are on order, I will send out weekly or bi-weekly updates as appropriate for the anticipated lead times.

All communication will be during regular business hours, and any after-hours messages will be addressed on the next business day.


What if you design something and I don’t LOVE it?

I do everything within my power to give you the ability to visualize the items in your space before you purchase them. During the design phase, there are up to two revisions built into your project fee.

Once items have been ordered and delivered the policy is as follows: For any ready-made items, there will be a 25% restocking fee. Custom ordered items are non-returnable.


Does Avenue Interiors have a minimum project size?

The initial consultation is a $360 flat rate. For any time-based projects, there is a two-hour minimum for any in-person appointments thereafter.

All office and design time is billed in 15-minute increments and invoiced monthly. For flat-rate projects, there is a project minimum of $5,000 for goods and services.


How do I know I should hire a designer?

Do you change your own oil? When you buy clothes would you rather have a whole bag of clothes that are on sale…or find the perfect jacket? 

If you would rather manage every small decision, every order, every piece of research, every follow-up…then you should NOT hire a designer.

Everyone else—yes, hire a designer! We’re worth it!

How do you source for each kit? What makes the cut?

I source from well-established fabric companies based in the US. I use high-quality fabrics that are designed for home décor and upholstery.


Help! What if I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for?

Send me a message and let’s talk about it. We can tweak an existing package just for you.


When will I receive everything?

 Your pillows will ship together within 3 weeks of ordering.


What if an item is broken or damaged?

Send me a message with an image of the damaged item and I will send a return label and a replacement within two business days.


Can I send you a photo of the final result?

Yes, please! I would love to see how you’ve taken the design board and pillow pack and made it your own.


Looking for more detail or the opportunity to chat? Click here to get in touch.

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