Design Services

Our full-service design process is the real thing.

From the consultation to your first dinner party, you’ll feel the beauty of artistic ownership—and the confidence that your home is as put together as the seven course menu you’re about to serve.

The concepts created will marry your personal favorites with our deep design expertise to create something that’s absolutely yours.

We’re the reason you hire a professional.

The knowledge, the connections, the unexpected-boundary-pushing
creativity that sparks a full on inspirational bonfire.

Our Process

Discovery Call & Consultation

Discovery Call & Consultation

You’ve gotta start somewhere Let’s spend 20 minutes on the phone getting to know each other. If we're on the same page, we’ll schedule a consult and meet in person. At the consult we’ll review the spaces, timeline, budget and how my design process will meet your needs.

Project Scope & Conceptual Design

Project Scope & Conceptual Design

This is the fun part! Gather up your inspiration images and complete my signature questionnaire to get the ideas flowing. I’ll design a floor plan, mood boards, and budget all based on my analysis. We’ll also get trades on board with estimates so there’s no surprises.

Detailed Design & Procurement

Detailed Design & Procurement

Time for the heavy lifting… for me that is. You just sit back and relax. I put together and present the final design, including elevations, samples, a final investment, and trade quotes. There’s also a schedule for any work to be done and all products will be ordered.

Delivery, Installation & Styling

Delivery, Installation & Styling

The walls are wallpapered, the built-ins are built, and the floors have been …floored? The magical interior designer fairy has visited, and all your furnishing dreams have come true. We accessorize and photograph the space then provide a care & maintenance guide for you.

Full Service Interior Design Avenue Interiors

Together, we’ll make a space incapable of going out of style—because it will be specifically inspired by what you love and the life you’ve built.

Simply put, you’ll know two things: that everything is taken care of and that you’re going to love it when it’s done.


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