Kitchen Refinish

We had a very limited budget but needed to get this kitchen to be an enjoyable space for the homeowners. It was a beige nightmare… the wood flooring and cabinets were such a perfect match it felt like the floor went up the wall.

The cabinets, flooring and countertops all stayed. They were all good quality materials with a lot of life left, but needed to be updated to reflect the new owners’ personal taste & style.

By making these effective changes, it allowed the homeowner to enjoy the existing kitchen and prioritize other updates that need to be done to the home. Keeping to a very conservative budget we were able to refinish the cabinets in a Java stain, add hardware, replace the white fridge with black, add a backsplash, and a woven wood shade to the window. The kitchen was only out of commission for a week and the newer cabinets were given a fresh update that lasted several years.