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Ordering directly from numerous manufacturers across North America, Avenue Interiors can create the look and feel you want to achieve in your space with ease. No more hunting down just the right chair from dozens of stores in town. We do the hard work for you and source our products from unique collections only available to designers, many of which offer customization and the addition of creative details.

Layering in pillows, artwork, accessories, throws, mirrors, lamps, side tables, & plants can bring a room to life. Without these details even the best room feels a little impersonal. And your home is a reflection of you, your family and your lifestyle. These personal touches are essential.

Many people worry that buying from a designer will cost more. The opposite is true! With our expertise and assistance you will be buying items that have longevity in their style and quality. By making the right purchase the first time, you won’t have to replace an item because its the wrong color or fit.

Lastly, when we you buy from Avenue Interiors, we pride ourselves on being fairly priced and full-service. No more upcharges, delivery fees, and installation fees. When you order from us, its all taken care of. The presented price is the total price.