Complete room design

Space Planning & furniture layout is the foundation of any room design. If the floor plans for a home or furniture layout is not properly executed a room will never be right. It is the beginning of any project.

A well done Furniture Layout will help you make the right decisions for the placement of your existing furniture and can provide a gameplan for any new purchases.

Space planning services are great for anyone who is in the market for new furniture or wants to shake things up a bit with their existing pieces. Are you moving, remodeling, or downsizing? We can work to gether to take an inventory of what you have an decide where its going in the new spaces.

Our space planning services will provide you with a detailed floor plan that includes dimensions for all existing pieces and suggestions for any new purchases. We will also provide a general design idea board as inspiration for your project that is customized to you and your taste.

This is a great option for clients who like to decorate themselves but need a starting point or general guidance. Its also a very budget friendly and easy way to begin working with a designer. Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss all the wonderful benefits of working with a designer.